Dorish Maru College of the Society of Divine Word of the Australia Province, welcomes you to our residence, which is under the patronage of St. Joseph Freinademetz SVD (1852 – 1908), missionary to the Middle Kingdom of China.

We have chosen Dorish Maru College as the name for our residence as a memorial to the priests, brothers, sisters and missionary helpers who lost their lives on the ship "Yorishime Maru" off Papua New Guinea during World War II in 1944. The missionaries at that time came to know the ship by the name “Dorish Maru”.  We hope that by the commitment of our lives, we can pay a worthy tribute to those who were wounded and died on the “Dorish Maru”.

Everyone at Dorish Maru College is truly multicultural, as you will see as you browse through our website.

We welcome you to our Community.


svdmissionday21 450SVD Annual Mission Day 2021
Online Event

Exploring Australian Indigenous Culture, Mission & Spiritualities: Responses to Unbreakable Rock: Exploring the Mystery of Altyerre.

Altyerre reaches out from the eternity of creation and encloses Arrernte people in country. Altyerre explains how the Arrernte have survived Invasion and Mission. Altyerre is an unbreakable rock.

Saturday 2nd October 2021: 3pm - 6pm AEDT

REGISTER HERE: tinyurl.com/svdmissionday

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